Maiden Africa SMEs summit opens in Accra

09 Sep 2014, Posted by Kwamina Anderson in News

The maiden Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Africa Summit, has opened in Accra, with a call on SMEs to utilise technology, trade, inventions and the exchange of knowledge as a tool towards continental development.

Mr. Yaw Asamoah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Creative Trends, organisers of the event, said the absence of such tools coupled with weak partnership access in the country and Africa at large are major hindrance to businesses in the continent.

“It is high time SMEs contribute in knowledge, technology, trade, inventions to the world, and this should be done with finesse towards Africa’s development,” he said.

The summit on the theme “Small Companies, Big Impact” brought together a cross section of people, including SME owners, entrepreneurs, bankers and telecommunication groups, to initiate discussions on businesses and its correlation in changing societies as well as the fortunes of the masses.

Mr. Asamoah cited inadequate infrastructure and the lack of the required human capital and advisory services as well as credit researches to be some of the challenges facing SMEs both in the county and across the continent, a situation that, he said, is retarding developmental growth.

Mr. Martyn Mensah, Chief Executive Officer, UT Group, said the event had come at a better time because it presents an opportunity for needed opinions and concerns to be expressed especially when SMEs are major entities in every country’s development.

He said SMEs are group of individuals who recognise opportunities where others see chaos; hence they make up the average businesses worldwide and promote employment, growth as well as development.

Mr. Mensah advised SMEs to acquaint themselves with the necessary measures to boost their businesses and develop abilities that will enable them function efficiently towards the development of Africa.

The summit will participants to major topics relating to the development and growth of SMEs in Africa, technology and infrastructure, succession planning and building of durable values.


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