International Year of Light and Light – Based Technologies (IYOL 2015)

Under an international partnership project involving the Africa Physical Society, the European Physical Society, the Mexican Permanent Delegation at UNESCO, the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Ghana National Commission for UNESCO, the Ghana delegation at the 190th Session of the UNESCO Executive Board initiated a process that eventually resulted in the proclamation by the United Nations, of the year 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYOL 2015).

The IYOL 2015 stands to promote the central role of light in enhancing the many opportunities derived from the utilisation of light and light – based technologies for the welfare of humankind. In addition, the IYOL 2015 would present the avenue for light enabling technologies in medicine, communications, energy and agriculture to revolutionize our understanding in the preservation of art and cultural heritage; environmental sustainability; climate change mitigation and possible impact on the economic drivers of many countries.

Africa stands to benefit tremendously from the many developmental breakthroughs that light has promoted in building capacity in education, science and technology as well as responding to critical global challenges. While we celebrate IYOL 2015, the world would appreciate the contribution of scientists in this field of light and how it could be used to solve interdisciplinary problems, such as in health, energy and using photonic devices for the improvement in the quality of life.

Ghana’s leadership in partnership with other countries in Africa, International Societies and Unions to launch and celebrate the IYOL2015 will create a common platform that would open up science and technology for the appreciation by policy-makers, politicians, social commentators, industrialists and the public in this region and the world at large.


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