Healthy Secrets Club

29 Aug 2013, Posted by ct in health

Healthy Secrets teaches you a thing or two about medicines and medicine safety. It breaks down the barriers of embarrassment and shyness with some serious fun. Using tongue and cheek humor, the reader is guided through health topics supported with professional facts and helpful hints. The reader will be entertained, and find relief, all at the same time.

For the sake of yourself, your family, your kids and your friends – BUY it, READ it, SHARE it and have a safer and healthier life.

Own it for ¢20 only. Available at the following sales points:

  1. EPP Bookshop
  2. Kingdom Bookshop
  3. Legon Bookshop (Univ. of Ghana)
  4. Readwide Books Services
  5. Silverbird Lifestyle bookshop (Accra Mall)

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