Job Vacancy: Freelance Journalist/Editor

29 Apr 2014, Posted by ct in News

Freelance Journalist

Job description

  • researching available sources, attending council meetings and press conferences, interviewing people with the most relevant questions, analyzing their input and reporting events or stories in a own unique manner
  • planning the content of magazines, books, technical journals, trade magazines, newsletters and other publications.
  • review proposals/manuscripts for books, assess the quality of it.
  • must maintain an unbiased and balanced approach to each story .
  • must abide by the law and not make any unfounded allegations.
  • must also meet the deadlines for feature stories in magazines, which can often be weeks or months in advance of the publication date for monthly magazines.
  • requires that the writer or reporter seek out fresh stories and clearly, accurately convey their findings to the public as they are transpiring.


  • must be an excellent writer.
  • must have a firm grasp of the English language, including proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • must be able to write well in a variety of styles, including technical, descriptive, and persuasive.
  • must be up-to-date about current happenings and be well informed about a broad range of subjects
  • School and college experience in the field of editing is always an added advantage.

Interested applicants should send their CVs and recent passport photograph to

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